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A newspaper article from 1903, rediscovered decades later, tells the tale of a mysterious, bat-like creature that terrorized the town of Van Meter over the course of five days before vanishing into the night. Now, we try to uncover the truth behind Iowa’s most famous supernatural being.

Featuring Chad Lewis, a paranormal researcher who co-authored the definitive account of the creature, The Van Meter Visitor: A True & Mysterious Encounter with the Unknown.

What is — or was — the Van Meter Visitor?

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From left, artists’ interpretations of the Van Meter Visitor from 1903 published in the Eau Claire Daily Telegram, New York Evening World, and Des Moines Daily Capitol; and by Kevin Lee Nelson, co-author of The Van Meter Visitor: A True & Mysterious Encounter with the Unknown.

Sound effects: Large dragon wings flapping by Morgentau Sound Effects: CC BY 2.0; 180081 Shotgun Pump 01 SLOW by FST180081, Alien Goose by FiveBrosStopMosYT, Ambience, Night Wildlife, A by InspectorJ, Bells Bong by freemaster2, Bricks, stones, tumble, rockslide by nebulousflynn, Bugs Chirping in Evening by AmyMarie1992, Buzzing, Electric Lamp, A by InspectorJ, Creaking Floor Boards by brionwolf, Club chatter, London by mlteenie, Dinosaur Dragon Growls by Mega-X-stream, dinosaur1 reduced by reinsamba, Dun dun dun by Simon_Lacelle, Grandfather Clock by digifishmusic, Gunshot, Distant, A by InspectorJ, Gun shots by casadalenha, Horror Thriller Metallic Impact 1 by original_sound, inhuman screech by Wolfsinger, jawharp_boing by plingativator, Metal Scraping by Doctor_Jekyll, Monster_Screaching by SunnySideSound, Mutant Bird 1 by RICHERlandTV, night ambient crickets bugs white noise occasional cough by bulbastre, open close small old wooden window sound effect by Garuda1982, Real shotgun (shot & reload) by Carmelomike, Rooster, Crowing, A by InspectorJ, Running on ground by Disagree, Shotgun_Shot_03 by MATRIXXX_, Running, Snow, A by InspectorJ, train by IFartInUrGeneralDirection: CC BY 3.0; choking by rettalo, exaggerated drink and choke by Legato87, Pterodactyl by SuperZero326: Sampling Plus 1.0; other clips: public domain or licensed

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